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Biryani is a shahi special dish. This is the very famous dish in the world. Everyone likes to eat biryani. This dish is made up of 32 spicy masale.This laziz (Tasty Biryani King) biryani is preparedby best professional cooks. This is the very Lazizdish. The main aim of the Tasty Biryani King is to provide the tasteof this laziz biryani each and every person. Allingredients of biryani are of best quality we are also having a hygienic food license to make this biryani. Supervised Production methods and techniques to ensure quality and safety standards. Followed approved procedures cleaned and sanitized work area, equipment, utensils and dishes. Biryani lovers just taste the biryani and feel it.

Biryani as every Indian is aware is the national food of the many cities. It is the one dish Indian can never have too much of. While biryani is available at numerous eateries, restaurants and take away counters in the many cities, indulging in it is not so hassle free, especially if one wants to savour it on the go or is taking a take away order. Indians needed and deserve to have a service of hassle free and freshly made biryani. That idea got two friends thinking and that is how Tasty Biryani King was born.

The speciality of Tasty Biryani Kings is that ease and hassle free nature of our service because of our packaging. Consumers can now enjoy the same biryani albeit without having to bother about plates and spoons and our biryani comes packaged with the essentials so you can enjoy your favourite dish anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is unpack.

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Special Dish on Weekly Basis

White Chicken Stew
Mutton cream stew

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Numerous commentators have also referred to the supposed restaurant owner's eccentric habit of touting for custom outside his establishment, dressed in aristocratic fashion and brandishing a sword


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